Double Fine’s Broken Age documentary series is now free for all

The Double Fine Adventure Documentary series, which follows the making of Kickstarter success Broken Age, is now free for all after previously only being available to those who backed the game via the crowdfunding website in 2012.

As of right now 10 of the episodes in the series are available for you to watch, while the remaining episodes will be released every Tuesday and Thursday, leading up to the April 28 release of Broken Age Act 2. In the run-up you can have a look at the continually updated playlist right here.

Broken Age began in February 2012 on Kickstarter as Double Fine Adventure, and Double Fine ended up raising more than $3.33 million through the crowdfunding platform. At the time, the studio planned to launch the full game in October 2012. Double Fine revealed the final nameBroken Age, in March 2013. That July, the studio announced that because of its ever-growing ambitions for the project, it would be splitting up the game into two parts and selling the first half in January 2014 to fund the development of the second half. Originally planned for release in 2014, Broken Age Act 2 was delayed in November to “early 2015.”

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