South Park: The Stick of Truth – Chinpokolypse Achievement Guide

Chinpokolypse is a missable achievement worth 75 gamerscore, and is awarded for collecting all 30 Chinpokomon toys in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Make sure to check out the video guide below before going for this achievement!


Location Guide

Here is a list of all available Chinpokomon and their locations. The 9 missable chinpokomon are marked and placed at the beginning of the list. To check which ones you have already obtained, press back and scroll to the Collectibles tab.

[table delimiter=”|”]
Roidrat|The attic of The Giggling Donkey. This must be collected before your third day ends (game completed), otherwise Jimmy’s front door is fixed and you cannot gain access.|Yes!
Gunrilla|The secret government building where you fight your first Nazi Zombie. Use your Shoot action to retrieve it|Yes!
Donkeytron|School kitchen during the Attack the School quest. Break the oven, then fart on it.|Yes!
Shoe|Use the Alien Probe at the top of Clyde’s tower to reach the very top level|Yes!
Fetuswami|In the Unplanned Parenthood, next to the turret machine gun. Enter the vents to retrieve it|Yes!
Poodlesaurus Rex|In the air duct in the ceiling of the School hallway near the cafeteria entrance, shoot down the vent and it will fall down. Make sure to get this when rescuing Clyde during the Call the Banners quest|Yes!
Pterdaken|In a locker on the second floor of the school. Use your Shoot action to retrieve it|Yes!
Mouse-Tik|Girl’s Hideout. After competing “Recruit the Girls” you can find it at the bottom-left of the hideout next to a chest.|Yes!
Beetlebot|On the UFO during the Alien Abduction quest, shoot it down from the monitor in the room full of monitors displaying South Park episodes|Yes!
Pengin|Cartman’s Garage|No
Chu-chu Nezumi|The tree between your character’s and Butters’ house. Use your Shoot action to retrieve it|No
Fatdactyl|Above the ticket booth by the Bijou Theatre. Use your Shoot action to retrieve it|No
Velocirapstar|A window outside Token’s House. Use your Shoot action to retrieve it|No
Stegmata|Kyle’s garage, the garage key is in Kyle’s parents’ room|No
Brocorri|Hidden in the ice outside the Tower of Peace. Break the lantern then fart on the flame to melt the ice.|No
Sna-kat|In a tree outside of City Hall. Use your Shoot action to retrieve it|No
Ferasnarf|In Mr. Mackey’s storage unit|No
Flowerpotamus|Skeeter’s Bar and Cocktails. Look at the shelf in the back of the room. Use your Shoot action to retrieve it|No
Cosmonewt|Stark’s Pond. Use the Alien Probe to gain access to the sunken UFO|No
Vamporko|Community Center basketball court. Use the Alien Probe to get access|No
Accountafish|In the air vents of the South Park Gazette, use your Gnome Dust to shrink down and retrieve it.|No
Monkay|Butters’ room|No
Roo-Star|In Professor Chaos’s lair. Retrieve the key to the lair from Butters’ room|No
RabbiTech|On a shelf on the second floor of the Police Station. Use the button to move the ladder across|No
Lambtron|In the Tower of Peace. You’ll see it hidden in a hanging lantern on the right side of the screen. Use your Shoot action to retrieve it|No
Biebersaurus|In the Sewers, by the Crab People|No
Gerbitoad|Next to the right of Mr. Hankey’s house in the Sewers|No
Terribovine|Underneath the bench outside of Tweek Bros. Coffee. Use your Gnome Dust to gain retrieve it.|No
Gophermon|In the last stall of the toilets in the Community Center|No
Furrycat|Behind some logs to the right of Kyle’s House.|No

Video Guide

Here is a video explaining where all 30 Chinpokomon can be found:

Thanks to HarryNinetyFour for the detailed video and enjoy!