South Park: The Stick of Truth – Side Quest List


This is a complete list of all 20 side-quests available in South Park: The Stick of Truth. Many of the quests are simple and will reward you with friends required for the More Popular Than John Lennon achievement.

Side Quest List

[table delimiter=”|”]
Quest Name|Day Available|Obtained
Big Game Huntin’ with Jimbo|1|Buy the Hunting guide from Jimbo in his shop

Defeat ManBearPig|-|Available after completing Unfriend Al Gore

Dropping the Kids Off|2|Mr. Hankey’s house in the Sewer

Find Jesus|1|Speak to Priest Maxi outside the City Hall

Flower for a Princess|1|Speak to Kenny in Kupa Keep

Hide ‘n’ Seek|1|Speak to the kindergartners in the park

The Homeless Problem|1|Talk to the Mayor in City Hall
Magical Songs|2|Obtained from Jimmy once you gain access to the Elven Kingdom
ManBearPig|1|Talk to Al Gore, to the right of the cinema

Mongolian Beef|1|Talk to Mr. Kim in City Wok

Mr. Slave’s Package|1|Bring the vibrating package in the Post Office to Mr. Slave’s house. Required for the Inside Joke achievement!

Nazi Zombie Bounty|2|Talk to the police chief in the Police Station

Phase 1|3|Talk to the gnomes in your bedroom

Rats in the Cellar|1|Talk to Skeeter in his bar

Restoring the Balance|2|Speak to DogPoo in the Elven Kingdom

The She-Ogre|2|Speak to Stan in the ELven Kingdom

The Timmy Express|1|Obtained when you first go near a fast-travel flag

Unfriend Al Gore|-|Available after completing ManBearPig

Vulcan Around|1|Speak to Kevin Stoley in his bedroom

Wasted Cache|2|Speak to Mr. Mackey in the Community Center

Video Guide

Here is a great video playlist containing a guide for all quests in the list above.

Thanks to Sorumian for the playlist and videos. Enjoy!