Terraria – All in the Family Achievement Guide & List of NPCs

The All in the Family achievement is awarded for getting every NPC to move into a house in Terraria, and will net you 10 GamerScore.


Achievement Guide

There are 10 NPCs throughout the game. You must house them all before the achievement will unlock. A building is considered habitable if it:

  • Is at least 6 blocks tall;
  • Is at least 10 blocks wide;
  • Contains a table;
  • Contains a chair;
  • Contains lighting;
  • Features a door;
  • Features walls.

Note that crafting tables are considered tables, and so will satisfy the table criteria.

List of NPCs

This is a list of the available NPCs.

[table delimiter=”|”]
Name|How to obtain
Arms Dealer|Spawns once you have acquired a gun or ammunition.
Clothier|Spawns after defeating Skeletron.
Demolitionist|Spawns when you acquire your first explosive, providing you have acquired the Merchant NPC. Explosives include Bombs, Grenades and Dynamite.
Mechanic|Found in the Dungeon. Talk to her to set her free.
Dryad|Spawns after you defeat your first boss. Note that King Slime doesn’t count for this.
Guide|The first NPC you will obtain. Spawns when the world is created.
Goblin Tinkerer|Found underground once you defeat your Goblin Invasion.
Merchant|Spawns when you first acquire 50 silver coins.
Nurse|Spawns after using your first Life Crystal.
Wizard|Found underground in Hard Mode.

Some NPCs will not automatically be assigned to a house; most notably the Mechanic, Goblin Tinkerer and Wizard. You can either wait for these NPCs to die, in which case they will respawn in an available house, or you can manually assign them to a house.

Once all NPCs have been obtained your achievement will unlock! Congratulations!