The gold Mario amiibo sold out in minutes and is going for crazy prices on eBay

The rush to get Walmart’s exclusive gold Mario amiibo went pretty much as expected today. After Nintendo announced its latest retailer-exclusive figure, the gold Mario amiibo went online and sold out within minutes. Now it’s going for ridiculous prices on eBay.

Pre-orders for the $12.96 item lasted about 15 minutes on, though it appeared that Walmart later refreshed some stock. Now, many of those pre-orders are going for about four to five times that on eBay — a handful sold for $100. None of that is too surprising, considering how quickly limited release amiibos tend to sell out.

Unless Walmart opens up more pre-orders, amiibo collectors will likely need to stake out their local store for the gold Mario figure to ship. The retailer exclusive Mario variant is expected in-store on March 20, the same day Mario Party 10 hits retail.